The most current and extensive chemical immobilization courses in North America

Drug delivery systems - the opportunity to practice the most effective dart guns

Live Animals are Part of Each 3-Day Course

Approved by animal care & use committees

Build Your Resume!

Live animals respectfully incorporated into each course

Field-based Practical Tools and Skills

Gain a profound understanding of field captures

Needle and Syringe Lab

Strengthen your comfort, confidence, and safety

Hands-On Lab

Gain skills with stethoscope and patient monitoring

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Global Wildlife Resources

Resources For The Professional
Benefits For Every Animal

Global Wildlife Resources (GWR) is a progressive company founded by Dr. Mark Johnson which specializes in humane and respectful capture and handling of captive and free-ranging wildlife animals. Dr. Johnson is dedicated to teaching and advising zoo and wildlife professionals of all kinds and to help you maximize care for the animal, success in the field, and safety for all. Dr. Mark’s courses are based on the most practical and effective field-oriented methods and equipment.

Training Courses

Dr. Mark teaches the most current and extensive courses in wildlife chemical immobilization for wildlife professionals and university students, animal control officers and captive animal programs. Every course is updated and improved.

Each course has hands-on labs each day including dart gun practice and drugging of animals and teaches practical and effective field-based tools and techniques with the highest professional standards. Dr. Mark’s 3-day chemical capture course provides 22 CE credits for The Wildlife Society Professional Development Program.

GWR courses promote care, compassion, honor, and respect for every animal that is handled. The dynamic courses are often profound personal and career experiences for course participants.

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GWR Training Library

This is a growing collection of eBooks and videos for you to learn about wildlife capture, handling, and chemical immobilization.

We explore the details for conducting field captures and humane animal handling and sometimes just how to be a part of the wildlife profession (ie. finding work).

Many of these are excerpts from our GWR chemical capture courses.

Each training item will ask for your first name and email address.