Chemical Capture Course Details

Chemical Capture Training for Zoo and
Wildlife Students and Professionals

The most current, extensive, and field-based chemical immobilization courses

Mark R. Johnson DVM, Instructor


Chemical Capture Course Details

  • 2-day and 3-day courses are available
  • Full coverage of field-based zoo and wildlife chemical immobilization
  • Thoroughly addressing animal care such as body position, head cover, and patient monitoring
  • Covers each aspect of animal processing such as ear tagging and sample collection
  • Hands-on labs every day including dart gun practice, needle & syringe lab
  • In 3-day courses, students will chemically immobilize live animals with the latest drug combinations
  • We strive to empower every student, strengthen every professional, and help every animal

Each course provides 22 CE credits for the Wildlife Society Professional Development Program.

GWR courses are for:

Federal/State/Tribal/Private Wildlife Biologists

Animal Keepers/Animal Care Providers
Other Zoo Professionals
University Students
Veterinarians and Vet Technicians
Animal Control Officers

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