Chemical Capture Course Details

Chemical Capture Training for Zoo and
Wildlife Students and Professionals

The most current, extensive, and field-based chemical immobilization courses

Mark R. Johnson DVM, Instructor


Currently there are no live chemical capture courses.

Dr. Mark is now teaching courses online!  Visit our Online Course webpage for links and more details.


When live courses resume – To be determined

  • 2-day and 3-day courses are available
  • Full coverage of field-based zoo and wildlife chemical immobilization
  • Thoroughly addressing animal care such as body position, head cover, and patient monitoring
  • Covers each aspect of animal processing such as ear tagging and sample collection
  • Hands-on labs every day including dart gun practice, needle & syringe lab
  • In 3-day courses, students will chemically immobilize live animals with the latest drug combinations
  • We strive to empower every student, strengthen every professional, and help every animal

Each course provides 22 CE credits for the Wildlife Society Professional Development Program.

GWR courses are for:

Federal/State/Tribal/Private Wildlife Biologists

Animal Keepers/Animal Care Providers
Other Zoo Professionals
University Students
Veterinarians and Vet Technicians
Animal Control Officers

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