Training Schedule & Registration

Training Schedule & Registration

August 25-27, 2020
Washoe County Regional Animal Services in Reno, NV
Course Title: Wildlife Handling and Chemical Immobilization for Zoo & Wildlife Professionals - 3 day course
Cost: General $650 | Full-time student $550
Course Description:

This 22 hour 3-day course is the most current and extensive field based chemical capture course with hands-on labs each day including two labs with live animals (domestic goats which simulate deer) so participants can fully practice the chemical immobilization process. These labs include: 1) dart gun practice, 2) needle and syringe lab, 3) “stethoscope” lab with dogs to learn patient monitoring, and 4) the final lab where participants work in teams to chemically immobilize goats under the supervision of GWR staff. GWR courses are always customize for those attending.

Reno 2020 Wildlife Course Announcement

GWR General Course Outline

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this live course has been cancelled.

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