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“How to Do TPRs – Patient Monitoring for Zoo and Wildlife Professionals”

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Bear Measurements (Credit: Rich Beausoleil, WDFW)

Dr. Mark teaches the most extensive and current courses in field-based zoo and wildlife chemical capture.

This short course introduces you to Dr. Mark’s series of online courses.

This course covers in detail:

  • How to do patient monitoring when drugging captive and free-ranging wildlife.
  • How to design the drugging field form to maximize success and confidence in the field
  • How to conduct patient monitoring that will provide the highest quality of animal care.

Course Outline

  • Welcome Video
  • Course Handouts (PDFs)
  • Support from Dr. Mark
  1. The Big Picture – Why, How Often, and What Do I Need?
  2. Temperature
  3. Pulse (Heart Rate)
  4. Respiration
  5. Color of the Gums and Capillary Refill Time (CRT)
  6. How to Record TPRs – The Drugging Field Form
  7. Putting It All Together and Learning Activity
  8. TPR Quiz
Wrap Up & Getting Your Certificate of Training!
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Our next online course:

“The Foundations of Wildlife Chemical Capture” – coming soon!

Created for the international zoo and wildlife community, this course provides the strongest fundamentals for successful, safe, confident, and professional chemical captures for captive and free-ranging wildlife.

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