Wildlife Handling and Chemical Immobilization Wenatchee, WA


Course Dates: 06/28/2023 – 06/30/2023

Location: Wenatchee Valley College; Wenatchee, WA

Hosted by HomeRange.org.

To register: Contact Anna Machowicz

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 517-388-2544

Openings Available


Hands-On Labs

  • Chemical Immobilization – participants immobilize live animals.
  • TPR Lab – a practice lab with live animals to learn the first layer of skills to prepare for the chemical immobilization lab.
  • Drug Delivery Systems – opportunity to practice the most effective dart guns.
  • Needle & Syringe Skills – building safe, professional habits for human safety & accuracy.
  • Blood Collection Practice Station – practice proper techniques for successful blood collection.

Course Content Includes

* Drug Delivery Systems * Immobilizing Drugs * Drug Dose Calculations * * Five-Step Preparation for Field Operations * Legal Responsibilities * * Patient Monitoring * Sampling * Veterinary Emergencies * * Euthanasia * Human Safety * Post Capture Assessment *



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