Wildlife Health Connections Podcast Part 1: Dr. Mark Johnson – Stories and Wisdom from 35 years of Wildlife Capture and Handling

Dr. Michelle Kneeland of WildlifeHealth.org is presenting a podcast interview with me as I share my stories and adventures from 35 years as a wildlife veterinarian. Listen to me describe a mountain lion capture in a severe winter storm. Hear what it feels like capturing grizzly bears.

Learn how there is so much more about chemical capture than knowing about the immobilizing drugs and drug delivery systems.

Michelle describes what sets me apart with my whole approach to how I handle wildlife – with respect and calm energy throughout the process. There are ways of Doing, which is what most chemical capture courses teach, and there are ways of Being.  Listen to the podcast to as I describe how to handle wildlife with respect and calm energy and how that enhances our professional experience.

Link to Wildlife Health Connections podcast with Dr. Mark Johnson

I also share many of my personal stories as Project Veterinarian for the 1995-96 Yellowstone Wolf Reintroduction Program.  This includes a “secret story” that’s never been told about how a wolf almost escaped on the way to Yellowstone Park!

Also, get a behind-the-scenes look at my Foundations course. How and why did I create the online course, “The Foundations of Wildlife Chemical Capture”?

We had so much fun making this podcast and I had so many stories, that Dr. Michelle is presenting Part 2 with Dr. Mark Johnson very soon.  Enjoy…

Dr. Mark Johnson DVM